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Our Story

Sammy set up The Massage Therapy Company in 2015. Her passion is to provide an outstanding massage therapy service across Essex and Hertfordshire. Attending courses on a regular basis keeps her treatments fresh and up to date. Sammy offers a range of Holistic, Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue massage treatments.

Our Mission and Vision

At The Massage Therapy Company our clients are treated as individuals.  Working with you through a friendly yet thorough consultation process to find out your needs. Together we will discover the goals you would like to achieve. A plan is then set out to work towards those goals using the relevant massage techniques. Sometimes stretching exercises and postural adjustments may also be necessary. 

Individual or courses of treatments are set out in accordance to each client’s needs. Any course of treatments works within your budget and time frame. By working together this enables us to  achieve optimum results, towards a pain free future.

Dunmow massage therapist

About Sammy

I am a VTCT qualified massage therapist in both Holistic and Sports Massage.  Also, I have a practitioner’s diplomas in Deep Tissue Massage and Facial Rejuvenation.  Entering into the world of massage therapy in my 30’s, after spending my earlier career in finance and sales.

In 2008 I had a baby boy called George. George suffers from a condition called Vater Syndrome or VACTERAL Association. This condition affects vertebrae, cardiac defects, trachea and esophageal and limbs.  Each child’s disabilities differ immensely

George was born with a much shortened radius in his left arm resulting in a radial club hand. Also George has a hemi or half vertebrae causing scoliosis of the spine. He also has other problems with his heart and oesophagus.

Following two initial operations immediately after birth and further operations to help straighten his left forearm at 2 years old.  I then found that I was becoming a parental expert in matters of muscular skeletal defects. George’s operations were always followed by appointments for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  Resulting in George and I having to perform stretches and other exercises at home daily.

Once George began nursery I went to work for a charity called Fledglings.  Fledglings provide daily living products to disabled children and their families.  My new role meant I was advising OT’s and SEN’s on what products were best to use for a multitude of different medical, physical and emotional difficulties. After working for Fledglings for 5 years I decided I wanted to start my own business.  Working for myself was the logical path for me, so I trained to be a massage therapist.  So this is where my journey into helping people began.

You can read more about mine and George’s journey living with muscular skeletal defects in my blog titled George’s Story.