Pregnancy massage

George’s Story

Discovering I was having a Special Baby

As you may have read on my website “about” page, I have a son called George. George was born with a condition called Vater Syndrome (VS) known also as Vacteral Association.  He then became the reason I entered into the world of massage therapy to help people with pregnancy massage amongst other things and including muscular skeletal defects.

George is now a strapping 9 year boy who loves Judo and Minecraft.  All things I am sure a lot of other 9 year old boys do.  However, from George’s 20 week baby scan, I was made aware that George was going to be different when he was born to other babies.  A special baby as I like to call him.

Vater Snydrome

George suffers from Vater syndrome which is a collection of birth anomalies affecting his bones and internal organs.  He has a radial club hand which means that he has a shortened radius. Limited tendons in his left hand and no use of his left thumb. Scoliosis of the spine caused by half a vertebrae being missing, which has resulted in curvature of the spine. In addition he has 12 ribs on one said and 13 on the other.  He also has a heart malformation and was born with a hole in his oesophagus.

On the day George was born I was filled with so many emotions. From being so frightened for the child I was going to give birth to and what to expect. What would he look like and will he be ok! All through all of these different emotions I always held onto my true mothers instinct of, George is going to be fine.  My heart told me this from the start of my pregnancy and through all the fear I always knew he was going to be fine.

So after a very short labour of zero contractions and a C-section all ready to go the moment I arrived at the hospital my gorgeous little George was born.  As I knew would happen after giving birth, he was rushed straight off to a different hospital. This hospital was 30 miles from where I was.  It needed to be done as the surgeons there would be able to re-join his oesophagus through surgery and monitor his heart to see if a heart operation was needed. I saw him for a fleeting moment before joining him the following day.

Photo taken a few minutes after his birth

Pregnancy massage - birth

So on the 28th of March 2008 my world would change as I knew it, but my heart was filled with so much love for this amazing special baby. George and our journey into life with a disabled child had begun.  A journey that has been the most important and worthwhile journey of my entire life.